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Troidzone: A Webcomic Experience

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Come check out :icontinker-jet:'s webcomic: Troidzone! She's put years of work into this, and I plan on putting years of work into it also as the comic's Lead Artist. We both hope you enjoy!

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The Fox Hidden Beneath the Leaf
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United States

Welcome to my page! I'm not the best artist out there by far, but I love to draw, and its good to do things you love right? Feel free to browse and drop comments at your leisure! I'm always out to better myself.

Enjoy! <3

Current Residence: At home
Current Profession: Contract Artist
Future Plans: Break into the Professional World of Creativity
Operating System: Windows 7
Personal Quote: Nom!
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Vardeo Game Music
  • Watching: Photoshop
  • Drinking: Water

#1. Recent updates.
#3. FAQ
#4. List of Pokémon by Pokédex number, and their status. (Taken/Not taken.)
#5. All of the completed entries so far.
(To navigate this journal entry quickly, press Ctrl-F/Command-F on your keyboard, and type #[insert your number of choice here]. Your browser will take you to the relevant part of this post.)

#1. Recent Updates

Please remember: all work must be 100% your own.

Update: Added a little more description to submissions.  Blurred camera photos will NOT be accepted.  Please make sure that the quality of your submission to the collaboration is acceptable.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Based on the huge Pokémon Trainer collaboration, :icontinker-jet: and I have decided to start our own, but instead of drawing the trainers, we'll be drawing the actual Pokémon instead.

#2. RULES:

- Participants must have a deviantArt account, and be watching me. (I don't care if you're watching my art, or if you intend to unwatch me after the collaboration is finished, but if you miss my journal updates and it costs you, then that's your tough luck.)  Yes, you are allowed to watch Tinker-Jet instead since we're both posting the same updates. Just please let me know you're watching her, or if you're already watching me, that you're changing over to watching her in the comments. We will be checking to make sure that everyone is watching at least one of us.

- One Pokémon per user. (Dibs will go to the person who posts first, so even if you guys post "at the same time", deviantArt's time stamp will determine who gets it.)

- Anyone who misses the deadline will forfeit their Pokémon, giving someone else the chance to draw it, and will have to sign up again if they want to participate.

- All submissions must be new (specifically for the collaboration), coloured, have transparent backgrounds, and be submitted as a PNG. If anyone would like to do theirs traditionally, and remove the backgrounds themselves, then please remember: no lined paper. (Grid paper counts as "lined".) Quality must be acceptable, so no camera phone quality; scanners are the best way to go. Also, please do not edit your Pokémon after you've submitted it. We are very sympathetic to the fact that you may have missed a spot, or the shading doesn't look quite right, or the pose makes your Pokémon look debilitated, but we would like all submissions to be finalized pieces. If your OCD is acting up something fierce, then please ask the collaboration hosts before you change anything.

- Speaking of shading, if you do choose to shade, the light source must be in the top right corner. Please do not have your Pokémon cast a shadow on the ground. We will add that in the final piece ourselves.

- Pokémon must be depicted full bodied. The pose will be left up to you, but please keep it appropriate. (Images must be safe for work; in other words, no 18+ material.) Also, no objects to obscure the view of your Pokémon. Squirtle blowing a bubble or Charmander using Ember is fine, but please don't stick a giant rock in front of Geodude. We want to see your Pokémon.

If you're going to include an attack, please don't have the edges cut off. Half a bubble doesn't make much sense placement-wise. It makes it really hard to place your Pokémon in the final collaboration. Also, keep the attack in your Pokémon's proximity. As a point of reference, no ice beam, hyper beam, dragon rage or any long beams or twisters. The focus is your Pokémon, not the attack.

- No tracing or copying of official art. All art must be original AND DONE BY YOU FROM START TO FINISH.  When you sign up, please don't automatically assume you have the Pokémon.  Please wait until you have a deadline to start work/submit.

- Once submissions are completed, a Download button must be available. If it is not, then please upload a second copy to your and note me with the link so I may download it.  The same applies if you choose to add a signature or watermark. Signatures and watermarks are fine, but they're not part of the Pokémon, and are therefore not part of the collaboration.

- The bigger your picture, the better. (Minimum size: 800px x 800px.)

- Haunter, Jolteon, and Vaporeon are already reserved for the founders of the collaboration.

- If your submission fails to follow the rules, we reserve the right to deny it.

- The deadline for submissions will be exactly one month from the time you sign up. (Ex. If you sign up May 13th, you will have until June 13th.)

#3. FAQ:

"Why do we have to watch you ( or Tinker-Jet ) in order to participate?"

Because I don't want to have to message 151 different people every time there's an update. It would be a different story if this were a collaboration of ten or less people, but it's not. It's massive, and I'm not an Internet God. Click on the watch button, uncheck everything aside from "Journals & Polls", and you won't be spammed with my crumby art or other activity. And if you're not happy with that arrangement, then you don't have to participate.

"Are we allowed to submit Pokémon as sprites?"


"Are we allowed to submit black and white pieces?"

No. We will accept only coloured pieces. No sketches, and no digitally coloured black and white pieces.

"If we choose to shade our pieces, where should the light source be?"

Top right corner.

"Are we allowed to submit shiny versions of our Pokémon?"

No. We will be accepting the Pokémon in only their common colours. If you'd like to do a shiny version of the Pokémon for yourself, however, that's perfectly fine.

"Do Mega versions of Pokémon count?"

No, classic Pokémon only.

"May I draw more than one of the same Pokémon for the collaboration?"

Only one of each type, please and thank you.

"May I draw clothes/props on my Pokémon?"

No. For all purposes, we'd like the Pokémon to be drawn as they are naturally, and don't want to see them with any accents that they don't already have naturally like Machoke's belt, Primeape's boxing gloves, Jynx's dress, Farfetch'd's leek, and Cubone's bone.

#4. If you have any questions, you may leave a comment or message :icontinker-jet: or :iconleaffox:

1. Bulbasaur (Taken by Ask-Currupt404 - Complete!)
2. Ivysaur (Taken by bubbles123karate - Complete!)
3. Venusaur (Not taken.)
4. Charmander (Taken by TaksArt - Complete!)
5. Charmeleon (Taken by ValenAndNightInc - Complete!)
6. Charizard (Taken by zonesdragoness - Complete!)
7. Squirtle (Taken by HOBYMIIOFFICIEL - Complete!)
8. Wartortle (Taken by rhyINFERIROR - Complete!)
9. Blastoise (Not taken.)
10. Caterpie (Not taken.)
11. Metapod (Not taken.)
12. Butterfree (Not taken.)
13. Weedle (Not taken.)
14. Kakuna (Not taken.)
15. Beedrill (Not taken.)
16. Pidgey (Taken by Hannahthedoe - Deadline: Monday, October 13th)
17. Pidgeotto (Taken by Laurosaurus - Complete!)
18. Pidgeot (Taken by quila111 - Complete!)
19. Rattata (Taken by WhatCritter - Complete!)
20. Raticate (Not taken.)
21. Spearow (Not taken.)
22. Fearow (Not taken.)
23. Ekans (Not taken.)
24. Arbok (Taken by ChaoticUmbreon - Complete!)
25. Pikachu (Taken by PNCOproductions - Complete!)
26. Raichu (Taken by S-q-t-v-a-l-9 - Complete!)
27. Sandshrew (Taken by tymime - Complete!)
28. Sandslash (Taken by AR-ameth - Complete!)
29. Nidoran (female) (Not taken.)
30. Nidorina (Taken by Tedingle72 - Deadline: Thursday, October 2nd)
31. Nidoqueen (Not taken.)
32. Nidoran (male) (Not taken.)
33. Nidorino (Taken by EagleIronic - Complete!)
34. Nidoking (Not taken.)
35. Clefairy (Taken by Catnipfairy - Complete!)
36. Clefable (Not taken.)
37. Vulpix (Taken by Sylveon17 - Complete!)
38. Ninetales (Taken by Boxpet - Complete!)
39. Jigglypuff (Taken by yoshj - Complete!)
40. Wigglytuff (Taken by XxSereneGracexX - Complete!)
41. Zubat (Taken by Senwyn1 - Complete!)
42. Golbat (Not taken.)
43. Oddish (Taken by TaylortheSnailor - Complete!)
44. Gloom (Not taken.)
45. Vileplume (Not taken.)
46. Paras (Taken by ZueMasuo - Complete!)
47. Parasect (Not taken.)
48. Venonat (Not taken.)
49. Venomoth (Not taken.)
50. Diglett (Not taken.)
51. Dugtrio (Not taken.)
52. Meowth (Taken by Nestly - Complete!)
53. Persian (Taken by Tangyowl - Deadline: Thursday, October 2nd)
54. Psyduck (Taken by Mafon - Complete!)
55. Golduck (Not taken.)
56. Mankey (Not taken.)
57. Primape (Not taken.)
58. Growlithe (Taken by ObnoxiousGiraffe - Complete!)
59. Arcanine (Taken by redyoshi77 - Complete!)
60. Poliwag (Taken by Minish-Mae - Complete!)
61. Poliwhirl (Not taken.)
62. Poliwrath (Not taken.)
63. Abra (Not taken.)
64. Kadabra (Not taken.)
65. Alakazam (Not taken.)
66. Machop (Not taken.)
67. Machoke (Not taken.)
68. Machamp (Not taken.)
69. Bellsprout (Not taken.)
70. Weepinbell (Not taken.)
71. Victreebel (Not taken.)
72. Tentacool (Not taken.)
73. Tentacruel (Not taken.)
74. Geodude (Not taken.)
75. Graveler (Taken by Colarty - Complete!)
76. Golem (Not taken.)
77. Ponyta (Taken by AffinityPony - Complete!)
78. Rapidash (Taken by spotty-bee - Complete!)
79. Slowpoke (Taken by Chihuahuadragon - Complete!)
80. Slowbro (Not taken.)
81. Magnemite (Not taken.)
82. Magneton (Not taken.)
83. Farfetch'd (Taken by Ollie-C - Complete!)
84. Doduo (Not taken.)
85. Dodrio (Taken by Brizzlos - Complete!)
86. Seel (Taken by TheWhiteWolf12121 - Complete!)
87. Dewgong (Taken by negiixo - Complete!)
88. Grimer (Not taken.)
89. Muk (Not taken.)
90. Shellder (Not taken.)
91. Cloyster (Not taken.)
92. Gastly (Taken by AskSplashWoman - Complete!)
93. Haunter (Taken by comedy17 - Complete!)
94. Gengar (Taken by Patrona - Complete!)
95. Onix (Taken by TheBlox - Complete!)
96. Drowzee (Not taken.)
97. Hypno (Taken by Metana - Complete!)
98. Krabby (Taken by JerryKun - Complete!)
99. Kingler (Not taken.)
100. Voltorb (Not taken.)
101. Electrode (Not taken.)
102. Exeggcute (Not taken.)
103. Exeggutor (Not taken.)
104. Cubone (Taken by Sibsy - Complete!)
105. Marowak (Taken by IeveIup - Complete!)
106. Hitmonlee (Taken by BlueBandanaJake - Complete!)
107. Hitmonchan (Not taken.)
108. Lickitung (Taken by CatWhitney - Complete!)
109. Koffing (Not taken.)
110. Weezing (Not taken.)
111. Rhyhorn (Not taken.)
112. Rhydon (Not taken.)
113. Chansey (Not taken.)
114. Tangela (Not taken.)
115. Kangaskhan (Not taken.)
116. Horsea (Taken by ashvanity - Deadline: Monday, October 13th)
117. Seadra (Not taken.)
118. Goldeen (Not taken.)
119. Seaking (Not taken.)
120. Staryu (Not taken.)
121. Starmie (Not taken.)
122. Mr. Mime (Not taken.)
123. Scyther (Not taken.)
124. Jynx (Not taken.)
125. Electabuzz (Not taken.)
126. Magmar (Taken by Punch-Holer - Complete!)
127. Pinsir (Not taken.)
128. Tauros (Not taken.)
129. Magikarp (Not taken.)
130. Gyarados (Not taken.)
131. Lapras (Taken by KatNap8181 - Complete!)
132. Ditto (Taken by CrimsonCarmine - Deadline: Friday, October 3rd)
133. Eevee (Taken by Cyilla - Complete!)
134. Vaporeon (Taken by LeafFox - Complete!)
135. Jolteon (Taken by Tinker-Jet - Complete!)
136. Flareon (Taken by LizziePotatoPad - Complete!)
137. Porygon (Not taken.)
138. Omanyte (Not taken.)
139. Omastar (Not taken.)
140. Kabuto (Not taken.)
141. Kabutops (Not taken.)
142. Aerodactyl (Not taken.)
143. Snorlax (Not taken.)
144. Articuno (Taken by Kanis-Major - Deadline: Wednesday, October 15th)
145. Zapdos (Not taken.)
146. Moltres (Taken by Fox-The-Wandering - Complete!)
147. Dratini (Taken by KrystalTheStarDragon - Complete!)
148. Dragonair (Taken by TambaCat Deadline: Monday, July 28th)
149. Dragonite (Not taken.)
150. Mewtwo (Taken by Breakdawn-Avenue - Complete!)
151. Mew (Taken by LightningTheDragon20 - Complete!)

:iconlatiosyayplz:#5. Click here to view all of the completed entries so far. :iconlatiasyayplz:


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