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November 16, 2012
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Foxglove Character Study by LeafFox Foxglove Character Study by LeafFox
Just a reference sheet for my personal use. I never had Foxglove from more than two angles, and I wanted to be sure I knew how her mane was. Summary: Very thick, and a pain in the rear end! x3
What can I say, I love poofy hair.

I pretty much used bases for the bodies, though some were drawn by me (all of the hair, definitely). I'm not allowing comments for this reason, and that this is just a reference, not to be glorified/hated.

MLP: FiM belongs to :iconhasbroplz:, :iconfyre-flye:.
Foxglove belong to me! Please no stealing.

Never forget: Toothless Hates Art Thieves.

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